Welcome to the Linwood Arboretum!


This is the official website initiated in 2016 by the Linwood Arboretum Board. Please ignore other websites containing dated material.

The focus of the Linwood Arboretum  is educational, allowing the public to become familiar with uncommon or rare woody plants that are particularly suited to home landscaping.

The most striking feature of the Linwood Arboretum at Belhaven & Wabash Avenues is its size, less than an acre—tiny in comparison with the three closest well-established arboretums – the Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College (300 acres), the Tyler Arboretum (690 acres), and the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania (92 acres).

Its location, however, makes this triangular scrap of real estate one of the most visible arboretums in the entire United States. Directly across from a middle school, two blocks from a regional high school, and adjacent to a well-traveled bicycle path linking Linwood with two other suburban towns, its high rate of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic puts it squarely in the public eye.

Visitor Guidelines

Please respect the gardens.  Do not pick or remove anything from the Arboretum and please stay on the paths.

  • Please supervise your children at all times for their safety and for the welfare of our plants.
  • Photographers are welcome, but please do not stage people or equipment in trees or plantings, or block pathways with equipment.
  • Please keep dogs leashed, and encourage them to urinate prior to entering. Canine urine is a potent herbicide, dangerous to many plants. Our water fountain includes a dog friendly bowl.
  • Please walk bikes, and use the bike rack provided.

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