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Interested in a guided tour? Need a speaker for  your gardening club? Want to volunteer or become a member?

Contact the  Curator, George Butrus,  at

For timely updates please visit our Facebook  where you may use messenger to contact us.

The Linwood Arboretum is free and open to the public 365 days each year from sunrise to sunset.  It is located at 1410 Wabash Avenue, Linwood, NJ directly across from Belhaven Middle School, at the intersection of Wabash and Belhaven Avenue.

There is no entrance fee, but memberships are available to help support this beautiful small park.


Join and Support


The Arboretum is free to the public, from dawn till after dusk. Basic maintenance is provided by the city of Linwood as a public service.

But we need the help of those who enjoy the beauties of this small but beautiful park, whether they are residents of Linwood or of the surrounding region! (We have members in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts!)

Membership runs $25 for individuals, $30 for families, and $5 for children under 12.

Subscribe to the Friends of the Linwood Arboretum through PO Box 127, Linwood, NJ 08221.

We are also supported by donations from both private citizens and local business or professional persons. Donations are welcome.

However, “support” means more than money. We also need people. Weeds grow, and the best herbicide on earth is the human hand. There are seasonal tasks, like pruning in the spring and planting in the fall. Some of your friends and neighbors have already joined in to participate in the care of this arboretum, which is unique in our region.  The more support we have, whether it comes as money or as volunteer labor, the more we can do. We hope to have an ever-increasing educational program of workshops and guided tours.

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